Why I love Dogs

The reason why i love dogs because it makes me happy when i train them everyday. And I found that having a dogs is a very precious thing in my life


16684066_1403120996428338_3115796953373153685_n This is my First Female Dog “rasky” a Half German Shepherd. She is my favorite dog all time because she is so loyal and playful.


One thing that I love dogs because my mom loves dogs too. This is my mom’s female pomeranian.


How I got into Computer Games

“My name is Vincent Amolato , I am a fanatic of computer games specially to Dota2 .”

At the age of 8 it was my first Dota 1 game when I found that game is very comfortable and fun for me. My friends introduced me first to play Dota1 (Defense Of The Ancients) my friends told me that I am a very skilled player.

I continued to Play Dota2 when all is competitive and very serious specially when you’re playing Tournament. I participated HNU Dota2 League way back last year and ended 3rd plays.

Until now I am still continuing my journey to compete at the Dota International as my dream. And also my goals to finish my studies.